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  • - How does it work?
    You can call or sign up online to receive a quote catering to your needs (twice a week, once a week, bi-weekly, or one time.) You will receive a quote to your email & text message with a specific day + pricing. Once the quote is approved, you will be added to our schedule. You will receive a reminder text an hour before your service. We clean up the animal's waste, double checking our work & that the gate/door is securely latched. We throw the waste away in your trash can or haul the waste away for $4/ bag. You will receive an invoice to your email after the work has been completed. Then you can enjoy your clean yard!
  • - How do I pay?
    ​You will pay with card or cash at your initial service. After you may sign up for us to charge your card at the end of each service or pay in cash at the end of each service. Monthly payments are also an option by request.
  • - Is there a contract?
    No! There is no contract. We will have you fill out and sign a service agreement. This is so that both parties know what is to be expected. You may cancel your service at anytime; just make sure you let us know 24 hours in advance of your scheduled service.
  • - Can I leave my dog in the yard?
    ​Yes! Clean Paws Pet Waste Removal LLC is able to work with animals in the yard. The only time we are unable to perform our services is if your dog is aggressive. If there is any problems then we will have to leave the premises without cleaning. If your pet is aggressive or scared of strangers we can arrange a specific time and day to service your house while you are home.
  • - Are you open during winter? (Winter Policy)
    UPDATED 2021: Yes! We service yards all year long (even with average snowfall.) Winter weather does create some unique challenges for us, however we strive to offer our same great services in the most convenient and affordable way possible. This information is provided to address those challenges and ensure client satisfaction. Our Winter Policy: - Your yard will not be serviced if there is FRESH snow over 4". In this case, you will still be charged but at a discounted rate (20%) when on reoccuring services. One time and initial services will be rescheduled. -Any buried or frozen waste will be cleaned as the snow/ground thaws. -Please make sure gates are clear of snow and ice to allow entrance. -Waste frozen to decks/porches will be left until thawed to prevent damage of property.
  • - What if it is raining or snowing?
    Raining? We will be at your house on any rainy days! We don't stop for a little bad weather. Snow is a different story; refer to winter policy.
  • - What if I am scheduled on a holiday?
    We are closed on all major holidays (including Christmas Eve.) We are open for our pet feeding service. If your service falls on a holiday, we will plan accordingly and try to schedule your service for the business day before or after. We will communicate thoroughly.
  • - Do you service commercial properties?
    ​Yes! We do service commercial properties of all sizes. Please call us for a free estimate!
  • - Do you pick up poop from other animals?
    ​Yes! If you have a deer or duck problem is no problem to us. We are more than happy to pick up after the random animals in your yard!
  • - Are you insured?
    ​Yes! We are fully insured by PCI Insurance and carry our insurance cards with us at all times.
  • - Can you service special events?
    ​Yes! We are able to clean up after any special events: dog shows, animal petting zoos. You name it; we clean it!
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