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Winter Policy


We service yards all year long (even with average snowfall.)


Winter weather does create some unique challenges for us, however we strive to offer our same great services in the most convenient and affordable way possible. This information is provided to address those challenges and ensure client satisfaction.

Why pick up dog poop in the winter?

Dog poop contains a lot of bacteria such as E. Coli, fecal coliform, salmonella, and many others. This bacteria is unsanitary for you and your pets. The bacteria doesn't die in the cold weather. When your dogs go outside to run around they are stepping in the poop that you may not be able to see; then tracking this bacteria through your house. 

Here is some poop math! Most dogs poop anywhere from 2-3 times per day. If your yard doesn't get cleaned all winter long (3 months) for one dog that is 168 piles in your yard. With 2 dogs that doubles to 336 piles and so on.

Once the snow melts, so does the dog poop. Some of the bacteria will wash away into the watershed causing harm to our environment.

Cleaning up waste in the winter may be unpleasant but is very important!


Our Winter Policy:


- Your yard will not be serviced if there is FRESH snow over 4". In this case, you will still be charged but at a discounted rate (20%) when on reoccuring services. One time and initial services will be rescheduled.

-Any buried or frozen waste will be cleaned as the snow/ground thaws.

-Please make sure gates are clear of snow and ice to allow entrance.

-Waste frozen to decks/porches will be left until thawed to prevent damage of property.

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